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1) Industry Benchmark 
Industry-standard drafters.
China high-tech enterprise.
Member of China welding society.

2) Sufficient Experience 

Over 20years experience of pipe cutting and beveling machine.
Provide cold cutting equipment and solutions to more than 100thousands user.
Solve various problems of pipe welding and cutting for users.

3) Continuous Innovation 

One of the earliest manufacturers of pipe beveling machine in China
We continuously carries out technological innovation and revolution.
Advanced design concepts, independent research and development to ensure the most competitive products.

4) Shoulder Responsibility

Leading in china, edge into the advanced ranks in the world.
Continuous investment in product research and development, product digitization intelligent pioneer.
Dare to take the responsibilities, accept the challenges, face up to the problems of industrial development, sustainable development.

5) Famous Brand

China national petroleum corporation trust brand.
Recommended brand by China national chemical equipment corporation.
Famous trademarks of Zhejiang province.
The most user choice, the most user trust.

6) Advanced Capacity

Own high precise CNC lathe and processing center, advanced equipment and testing instruments.
The largest supplier of pipe cutting and beveling machine in China
Only one manufacturer can manufacture 3m diameter pipe cutting machine in china.

7) Complete Specification

A variety of grades stationary pipe cutting and beveling equipment.
The most complete portable pipe cutting machine and pipe end beveling machine.
The most widely used cold cutting equipment for pipe, flange and plate.
Drive the most choice to meet the processing requirements of various working conditions.

8) Excellent Quality

China key-new products, China torch program products
All production processes are completed in ourselves workshop, refuse external processing, strict quality control.
Eliminate defective products and ensure the supply of first-class cost-effective products in the market.

9)Well Stocked

Modularization design, process optimization, assembly line operation, increase productivity.
ERP warehouse management system, perfect logistics management system.
Combine the market research result, quantitative production, make sure the inventory is abundant.

10) Cordial Service

Special after-sales and supervision departments
7X24 service system.
Solve problems immediately.
All products, lifetime service.

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