Aotai Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional pipe cutting and beveling machine and automatic welding Fixture manufacturer since 1995. It is a high-tech modern enterprise, which is centralized research, manufacture, sales and producing.
AOTAI onsite machining products are the first choice of industry professionals in power generation, oil and gas production and pipeline distribution. AOTAI products can be used for wherever precision weld preps are required. The products include O.D. mounted light & heavy-duty pipe cutting and beveling machine, I.D. mounted pipe beveling machine, thin pipe orbital cutting machine as well as flange facing machines.

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Cutting angles and tooth choice

tooth choice and the correct cutting angle are keys to obtaining the best results from your saw blades:this choice depends on the material and the section that needs to be cut . the following informatioin has been rrovided by our techinicians and is the result of many years experience.

Attentions when using the HSS saw blade

1.must be sure that the material has been fixed. 2.According to the material to set the cutting conditions 3.When putting the blades on the machines,cleaning the scobs on thefixtures is necessary,and then payattention to the direction of rotation,make sure that the blades is fixed. 4.At the beginnig and ending of the cutting,do not feed too fast,otherwise it may cause breakage and damage 5.Make full use of cutting oil(accotding to the material to choose the suitable cutting oil) 6.Throw away cutting machines and circulat sawing machines are totally different,must choose the right blade,do not mix.

5 reasons your flange facing connection is failing

Of course the success of a fitted flange is that the connections between the flange, gasket, bolting and pipework create a leak-free environment. More importantly, the connection between the flange faces needs to be up to the same standards to achieve the same outcome. To ensure you’ve done as much as you can to repair your flange facing connection, check these 5 common ways that damage effects flange performance


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